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Dear Parish Family,

     The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21 changed us; our country, our community and our parish.  For our parish, our lives together were certainly transformed and, in some cases, we were transfigured by the pandemic. 

     Transformed in that we as a parish community understand the way we gather is completely changed from how understood ourselves before we had to shut down our lives to be safe.  We once thought that we always had to gather in person for worship and events.  Twenty-four months ago, gathering ‘virtually’ would have been thought of as an idea too modern and perhaps too unfulfilling because our time in person was singularly sacred.  Calamity changes people and isolation made us change. Isolation might be the mother of invention for Trinity-St. John’s.

      The pandemic transfigured our community into one where we can join our church family either in person or via live stream.  Both options make us a better community with stronger ministries for us to confront God’s every changing world so that we can spread Christ’s Gospel to more people, more households.  We can now gather in person or virtually not just for worship, but also for any event we see fit.  Whether Friendship Luncheon, Evening Prayer or a wedding, all are available for everyone regardless of your physical limitations or geographical distance.  All you will need to is to go to our Worship and Events page to watch via Live Stream or you may participate in worship and events via Zoom by requesting an invitation from   


     This is an exciting time for the church and especially for Trinity-St. John’s! 


Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Christopher Ballard


Trinity-St. John’s

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