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Trinity-St. John’s Cemetery

A Small Christian Cemetery and Heritage Church Yard

A Beautiful Final Resting Place














From Dawn to Dusk, Trinity Cemetery is a place of peace.

Our dedicated and caring staff works to ensure

that the graves are cared for with respect and reverence.


Cemetery Yard Price List

Effective January 1, 2024


Includes perpetual care
Single- $3,200.00

Plots Directly Behind the Church 

includes perpetual care and foundation for monument


Grave Openings
$2,000.00 Caskets / $550.00 Urns

Saturdays and Sundays
No Burials at this Time

Footing for Monuments
Under 1ft -$300.00
1ft-1ft 11in.- $400.00
2ft-2ft 5in. – $500.00
2ft 6in -3ft 5in. $600.00
3ft 6in.-4ft 5in. $700.00
each additional ft. $150.00

Winter Use of Jackhammer

Fees for Church Services - Non-Parishioner
Officiant (Clergy) $400.00

Administration Fee (Funeral) $500.00
Organist $300.00

Soloist $200.00
Sexton $150.00
Altar Flowers $100.00

Officiant Graveside Committal Only $200.00

Columbarium Fees

$1600.00 – Parishioners
$1800.00 – Non Parishioners

Engraving Fees
$395.00 (per urn=2 urns per niche)

Opening Fees:

St. Francis Pet Memorial Garden

$300  per plot including engraved marker

Cremains Only



All fees include perpetual care. Church donations are welcome.

Please reach out to your funeral director for information about immediate burials that require the purchase of a plot.


For further information, please feel free to contact us at


Please note the office hours listed below.

We commit ourselves to helping the grieving. 

All fees are subject to change. 

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